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    Spot Marketing
Serve as network administrator, database administrator, sales manager, and president for Spot Marketing. 
    Indoor Billboard Advertising Association
The Indoor Billboard Advertising Association had no way to organize it's information.  It did not have the staff to update member's information on a timely basis.  With 35 companies in over 50 rapidly developing markets across North America, members had no way to know the inventory of locations available in each market in order to place buys.

The project was to organize the data, and develop a web site that would allow non-members basic information on the organization, and members a way to place quotes online, in seconds, rather than days, as done manually.  The relational database was designed and populated.  A web site was designed that allowed members to update only their own company's information, while searching all markets for all companies for quotes.  This alleviated all of the work of the organization, for updating data.  It also eliminated the need for paper items such as the member directory, and the newsletter, as all are now placed on the web site.  This site is password protected.

    Devoe Automotive
Devoe is the automotive dealership in the area for Volvo, Infiniti, Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac and Isuzu.  Sanibel Solutions brought me in as a Windows 2000 specialist when upgrading Devoe's servers from NT to 2000 in their WAN at their locations in Naples and Bonita Springs.  This web site, however, was NOT created by Dan Sinclair, and has nothing to do with Spot.
    Alvion Technologies
Alvion Technologies needed a short term project manager to implement a custom error-handler for their ColdFusion driven web sites.  They web enable 100+ million record databases, and perform queries and mailing list orders online in a fully-automated system.
    Easy Picker Golf Products
Easy Picker Golf Products was expanding it's product line by 400% and needed a more professional looking catalog to present to customers.  On the left is the 68 page catalog designed by Spot.  On the right is the previous 16 page catalog.

Spot organized the catalog without direction from Easy Picker, including laying out the product order and even creating  product numbers.  Spot was NOT involved with the site at www.EasyPicker.com, however this site is typical of the level of work Easy Picker used before utilizing Spot's services.  

    Club Systems Group
Club Systems Group was a merger between two large competitors.  They needed a new identity, interactive web site, and marketing materials.  Spot created these items, as well as product identity and splash screens, in a much more professional format than had previously been used.  Click on the image to the left for details.
    Country Club Sports
Country Club Sports had produced a 10-page catalog that looked as though it had been created on someone's outdated home inkjet printer using a program that came with the computer.  This cheap-looking spiral-bound catalog was produced for $9/piece.  

They came to Spot with several laundry baskets full of product, and asked for a catalog.  Spot performed the photo shoot, image manipulation, layout, and printing, and produced the 12-page catalog on the left for under $1/piece.  Click on the cover to the left to see the full catalog and other materials produced for CCS.   

    Nitro Leisure Products
Nitro Leisure products had no corporate presence.  It also had no way to keep in touch with it's divers and customers, other than by phone.  Nitro went through almost daily changes in overall focus, and Spot adapted immediately providing site themes, identities, and later, fully functioning ASP-driven e-commerce sites.  Click on the page to the left for details, and further samples.
LoBusco.com was a startup b-2-b directory for Spanish businesses in the Miami, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles areas.  Spot took the concept; created the portal; found and linked the main Central and South American radio stations, and newspapers to the site; found and created other content; designed the database; and populated it with it's own directory information for the Miami and Los Angeles areas.  The customer simply brought in the checks.  Spot did the rest. 
    Online Quotes

Spot provided online quotes to customers.  Click on the image to the left, to see a sample.  
    Market Verity

Market Verity

Assisted Sanibel Solutions in troubleshooting their new program that downloads, stores and analyzes stock market information from the Towell server in Chicago.  Performed debugging on the SQL Server 7 data storage sequence.
    Andrew S. Epstein, PA

Andrew Epstein is an attorney in Fort Myers.  He wanted a way to advertise his abilities, and let potential clients and friends know how to get a hold of him, when he separated from his existing firm and went out on his own.  

The site was first designed around his firm at the time, Duncan & Tardif.  At the time he left the firm and went out on his own, Spot quickly redesigned the site to fit his corporate image.  Andrew also has a great deal of advertising in the area's indoor billboards.  These ads focus on the web site.  As a result, of the site and advertising, Andrew was able to retain all of his clients in the move, and add many. He is now swamped with work.  

    Peter's la Cuisine Entertainment Complex

Peter's la Cuisine is the finest restaurant in Lee County.  The elegant four-star restaurant is complimented by a top quality Jazz bar that tends to bring in national acts.  The Peter's complex also boasts a martini bar, and the famous rooftop Sky Bar that overlooks the river.

Peter's wanted a corporate presence and came to Spot for its web site. Spot had previously worked with all of the other establishments in the Peter's empire of Club 1527, The Cigar Bar, and The Junkyard.   

    William A Taylor

William A Taylor Associates is a real estate firm that needed a corporate presence, and basic information about its major ongoing projects.  The 3-D "WT" logo was also created for Taylor.  
    Pole-Kat Golf 

Spot provided a catalog, photo services, and created it's first web site for Pole-Kat.  Pole-Kat is a manufacturer of knock-off golf clubs.