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  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Public speaking
  • Time management
  • Contract design/negotiation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Conflict management/crisis resolution
  • Business and personnel management
  • Extremely goal driven


Dan Sinclair's father, a civil engineer, after working in industrial manufacturing with the rest of the family, opened his construction business in 1970.  Dan grew up in the business, officially starting work for the family business at the age of 13.  The business started building smaller projects such as shopping malls and arenas and then moved back into what the family knows - manufacturing / industrial.  In 1979 the family landed a $400 million contract to build the one of the largest paper mills in the area.  Today, the family business focuses on building and repairing pulp & paper mills, power plants and mines.  www.EKT90.com 

Dan opened his first residential construction business in 1985, shut it down to head to college. Dan earned a construction/engineering scholarship and took engineering at one of Canada's top universities.  After three years of engineering, handling distribution for the province of BC for the largest electrical manufacturer in Canada out of their BC plant, and completing an accounting degree at AACSB accredited SCSU in Minnesota, Dan moved to Florida.

In 1995 Dan earned his real estate license, mortgage broker license, and title insurance in Florida.  He also completed the first two CCIM courses, as well as taking graduate level accounting classes at the University of Tampa while studying for the CPA exam.  After working for commercial real estate brokerage firm in Fort Myers, learning the business and getting their IT up to speed, he gained experience as a mortgage broker and then as a stock broker, before opening up his own real estate brokerage firm and advertising agency, almost simultaneously in 1997. 

After bringing a high volume of business to builders he felt were not performing, he obtained is General Contracting license in Florida, which allows him to build any type of structure from a single family home to a high rise - industrial or residential. In 2006 the business ramped up from one to 33 employees.  After evaluating all of the wall systems in existence, Sinclair settled in on ICF as their main building system.  All of the homes were hurricane resistant, green and energy star compliant.  Sinclair completed 86 homes their first year in business.  The company was financially strong through the recession, while others were going under.  It continued until both the clients and their banks started going under.  Dan filed for three patents for construction processes during this time. 

Dan opened a new homebuilding company in 2017 with partners.  Between the partners, they have built about 3,300 homes in Southwest Florida.  Sinclair Homes concentrates on Category 5 Hurricane Resistant homes that are green, and extremely energy efficient.  Build time in 3-4 months, and the homes come loaded with amenities that are options or not even offered by other builders.  Our home prices range from $107 to $136 psf, with the exception of a our line of larger homes.  Construction options are available from 15% down for investors.  First time buyers can find end loan options with the lenders we recommend, for as little as 1% down.   

In addition to construction, Dan's background has been as a commercial real estate broker and developer, and as a finance geek.  He also has been involved in IT (Information Technology), robotics and automation since 1982. 

He likes to serve the community and is tied in to many aspects of the community. 

Dan feels his strong project management skills, long term planning, budgeting and general financial skills, IT skills, and his experience running a companies, non-profits, and projects locally and elsewhere will be an asset. He has the ability and the vision to grow a small company to a large one, using proven processes to deliver the highest quality products on time and on budget.