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In total, thirteen web sites were created for the Nitro empire.  For all of the sites, the themes, identities (including logos), content, e-commerce systems, and the actual site design and testing were performed by Spot.  The only exception, were the Nitro and Second Chance logos themselves, that were created by their respective divisions. 


    Nitro Corporate Sites
Nitro wanted a corporate presence on the web.  Nitro Leisure Products is a manufacturer of golf balls.  Its inventory comes from balls that are returned from Second Chance, that are in too rough shape to be resold.

The used balls are stripped down overseas, and new surlyn is wrapped around the original cores.  The balls are then sold to distributors as new. 

    Second Chance Corporate Site
Second Chance Golf is a division of Nitro that recycles golf balls.  It does this through teams of divers all over the Southeastern US that recapture the balls from ponds and lakes at golf courses.  The balls are then resold to golf shops via telephone.  Over sixty million balls are sold every year.  

Nitro wanted a corporate presence for its Second Chance division as well as a way to keep in touch with divers. 

    Golf Ball Trader
Nitro wanted an independent web presence that would allow them to buy and sell used balls online.  They wanted this site to appear to be an independent organization, and charge a fee for all trades.  
    Planet Golf
Nitro wanted a complete Golf Ball portal, where all curious golf enthusiasts would come to learn about the history of golf, and updates on the golf world.  A children's section was even developed for the new Tiger Woods fans.  Click on the image to the left to see Planet Golf Balls in action. 
    Golf Ball Mania
The management of Nitro changed their minds, again, and decided they wanted a new name and focus for the portal.  GolfBallMamina.com was the result.  Many other names were thrown out there. 
    Golf Balls Direct
Nitro then decided that it wanted an independent b-2-c commerce site that would sell all of their products, as well as the competitors and the top ball manufacturers in the world.  They would write reviews on the balls, themselves.
    Nitro E-Commerce Enabled
Nitro later decided that it wanted to enable shopping on it's corporate site and keep GolfBallsDirect.com.  It also wanted to change the look, again.