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  • Project Manager, Alvion Technologies
    • Prepared project specifications for databases with 100+ million record databases
    • Utilized ColdFusion based on Fusebox methodology, T-SQL, FoxPro, Visual Source Safe, and Test Track on ColdFusion 4.5 servers and MS SQL 7 servers
    • Used PeopleSmith DoubleTake and Personator, Data Junction, and PostalSoft for database manipulation
    • Worked with database conversion in many formats including binary, EBCDIC, CSV, spreadsheets, mixtures such as comma delimited inside fixed length records, from many sources including magnetic tape
  • Indoor Billboard Advertising Association
    • Designed, completely normalized, and populated 25 table relational database
    • Designed and debugged 80+ page site whose primary functions were: password protection and the ability to change only that member's information, maintain state, searching functions, dynamic formatting
    • Created innovative solutions to problems
    • Created administrative and member sites
  • Nitro Leisure Products
    • Created two ASP-driven b-to-c e-commerce sites for product sales using Store Front
    • Created 11 other web sites for three divisions
    • Analyzed system including Great Plains Software's SQL7.0 server driven accounting package for b-to-c and b-to-b e-commerce automation implementation
    • Created multiple logos, portal concepts, and b-to-b and b-to-c e-commerce themes
  • LoBusco.com
    • Created a Spanish-only b-to-b portal for large markets, city by city (Miami, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles)