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Technical Sales, Atlantis Computer Centers, Fort Myers, Florida (December 2001 - December 2002)  

  • Positions  

    • Top Salesperson
    • Director of Network Services
    • Manager of Auto Dealer Project (ScanSuite 2002)
    • Owner
    • Security and general technical budgeting
  • Initial Duties
    • Technical & Applications Instructor:  SQL Server 2000, A+, etc.
    • Networking and Microsoft upgrades
    • Security consulting
    • Programming with visual basic
    • Database design using transact SQL
    • All accounting functions
    • Incorporation of company, contracts, etc.
  • Relationships 
    • Obtained Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Business Intelligence status
    • Set up as a Nortel Networks Reseller
    • Set up as a Cisco Authorized Reseller
    • Obtained designation as a Symbol Business Partner
    • Set up Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (Gold CTEC)
    • Set up MOUS Testing
    • Set up of most vendors
  • Community

Company Overview:

Atlantis Computer Centers is a technical training center.  It started as a revenue source to fund software development projects that could be licensed or sold.  The initial company had three sectors:  the primary focus of software development, the network service carry over from Sanibel Solutions, and the new technical training segment.

Atlantis' goal was to utilize the economies of scale by using it's developers to teach the programming classes, and it's field engineers to teach the high-end networking classes.   Contract instructors were brought in for certain specialty classes, which field engineers were required to sit.  The idea was that by teaching, field engineers would be forced to stay up on the latest material and know it better than their counterparts in the field.  At the same time, students would have the benefit of having engineers with real daily experience to draw from, as well as the opportunity to intern in the field. 

When the other two sectors did not perform to expectations, Dan left in December 2002 to start Network Security Testing, Inc., which evolved to Anik, Incorporated, a network performance and security testing and analysis company.  Atlantis continued as a training center, run by its remaining officers, Andrea Fournace and Nick Singh, until November of 2003.

Dan developed many strong ties to the IT community during his time at Atlantis.  This was partly done by the IT Lunch Groups, a group of CIO's, CTO's, IT and Telecom directors that Dan started with the help of Jack Choate, IT Director for Gulf Coast Village.  This group has brought in speakers from all over the country on topics such as security, wireless, infrastructure, telecom, and VoIP.    Through these groups, Dan has sharpened and broadened his skills, as well as developed strong relationships with law enforcement and other government agencies, as well as local companies and national vendors.